Get a grip, Cilic.
You don't sob like a baby because you're losing. That's pathetic. #WimbledonFinals

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) July 16, 2017

Cilic: do you think Kate Middleton saw me crying?

— Daniel Stetson (@MrDanielStetson) July 16, 2017

What is happening here? #cilic crying? Hurt? Disappointed with his play? Come on, put your big girl panties on and PLAY. #Wimbeldon2017

— DC (@PhotoGirl0316) July 16, 2017

Think about Marin Cilic crying into a towel during the #Wimbledon final next time you're about to send a mean tweet to an athlete.

— Simon Morawetz (@SYMorawetz) July 16, 2017

Don't laugh at Cilic for crying because his dreams are being broken. Many footballers or other sportsmen do. They invest so much emotionally

— Taintless Red (@TaintlessRed) July 16, 2017

Anyone got a telescope so I can see Cilic's blister?

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) July 17, 2017

Playing against Roger Federer is tough, but c'mon Marin Cilic

— World_Wide_West (@2ndRWest) July 16, 2017